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Sharaku Kobayashi

Sharaku Kobayashi is a member of the techno-pop group FLOPPY where he is both vocalist and sound designer. His solo project that focuses more on 8-bit sound aesthetics. His sound emphasises a “Made in Japan” ethos with Japanese melodies appearing throughout. With a larger than life stage presence, his live performances are not to be missed! Links… Read more »


SDHizumi makes hardcore techno, oldskool rave and 90s house with his Gameboy and LSDJ. He started making music in 2010 and mainly made UK hardcore up until 2015. Since 2015 he has been making chiptune exclusively, and has released 5 mini albums to date. He has appeared on the Chiptunes = WIN compilation and performed at… Read more »


BOKKADENcI conjures up a dreamlike, fairytale world that is without borders with his unique blend of chiptune and melodica. As well as creating original music, he has been working ceaselessly on multiple other projects including the release of a mini album in 2015 titled Miniature Elements. His ethos is to create a peaceful atmosphere to all… Read more »


Uraboroshi entered the world of chiptune in 2015 with his Gameboy and LSDJ, and has been active in the live scene in Japan since the spring of 2016. He appeared live at the post-party for SST2016 where we decided it was time for him to appear on the main stage! He has released on the… Read more »

Chip Tanaka

1980 – 1999: Involved with the development of Nintendo’s game sound chip and development for various games including the Mother (Earthbound) series, Dr. Mario, and Metroid. 2000 – Present: Creator of many of the Pokemon TV anime songs and BGM as “Hirokazu Tanaka From 2007: Active as the musician “Chip Tanaka” at various events. Links Homepage | Twitter | Soundcloud


Omodaka fuses modern electronic music with traditional Japanese folk songs. But that’s not all, each show is an incredibly well prepared performance which utilizes motion graphics and a whole slew of retro and modern equipment. His gear includes a GameBoy Color, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS as well as LCD monitors and a touch synthesizer. If you’re lucky,… Read more »


Toriena is singer-songwriter from Japan. The original “chiptune girl” that has been making waves in not only the chipscene, but underground culture in Japan since 2012. She is a lyricist, songwriter, remixer, as well as creating artwork and guest vocals on other artists works. In terms of hardware, she uses and original Gameboy running LSDJ… Read more »


Tobokegao started making chiptune in 2014. During that same year, he released a track on the CheapBeats = WIN compilation. That started him off on his career which sees him produce both original tracks, covers and remixes.  Tobokegao is known for his technical prowess on LSDJ but also for making the catchiest of melodies that stay in… Read more »


Born and raised in Hokkaido! Armed with his Gameboy and LSDJ, Yukkerom is active in the live house scene in Hokkaido. He also appeared at the 2016 Square Sounds Tokyo after party. He makes a variety of styles, but mostly alternative rock, hardcore (newschool), and djent. Links Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube

Pain Perdu

Pain Perdu are Max and Paul, hailing from Paris, France. After a breakout track on Chiptunes=Win vol.5 compilation last year, Pain Perdu have honed their craft and roamed European stages, coming now for the first time ever in Japan! Just like French Toast, PP bakes old ingredients into sweet and crunchy new flavors, pushing Gameboy… Read more »