Wiklund is a swedish game composer with his roots in the demoscene. Wiklund started to composer music in 2008
with his old dusty gameboys and later discovered the possibilities of other consoles.
He has been making music for numerous games and demoscene productions.
Wiklund is also a member of the notorious warez group Fairlight.


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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia – Calavera has been making hook-driven, bassy and emotive chipmusic since 2012.
His low tempo tunes, and highly passionate stage-presence has taken him on many journeys, both nationally and internationally.



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Since the release of “Battle Jazz Classics” in late 2013, Don’t Blink Or You’ll Die (DBOYD) has consisted of one being and an aural display of various emotions with intense, energetic music written through old game consoles, accompanied by a high energy, furious live show.

His main weapon of choice is the original Nintendo Gameboy running the music tracker Little Sound DJ. He describes his music as Dance Pop w/ a Noise Rock mentality.

DBOYD has been featured on various chiptune compilations, such as Chiptunes=WIN vol. 3&4 and HalloWIN, and Battle of the Bits’ Winter Chip XI. He has also performed at numerous festivals and showcases, such as Little Sound Assembly ’15&’16, NMF 8, 9 and 10, Square by Square Wave ’16 and ’17 in Austin, TX, Square Sounds Tokyo ’16 Pre-Party in Tokyo, Japan, and Freq. Fest 6.0 in Los Angeles, CA.



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Note!, the alias of Christophe Richard, explores lo-bit music in a style that can be best described as dive-bar-booty-pop-sweat-concussion. Note! has performed from New York to Montreal to Tokyo as well as co-founding Kick.Snare and lWlVl Festival in Brooklyn, NY. When asked about Note!’s music, his estranged bicycle mechanic had this to say: “Pop a bodol, lose your shoes and grab some AAs – that shit is ON POINT.”


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On September 16th and 17th, 19 musicians and visualists from around the globe will perform some of the best chipmusic the world has to offer at world class Tokyo venue, Koenji High.

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Cheapshot is the curator of CheapBeats records and organiser of the Square Sounds Tokyo festival.

Born in the UK, raised as a chiptuner in Japan. Cheap started making chip around 2009 after being introduced by a friend, and hasn’t look back since. Drawing on works by Quarta330, minikomi, ???, his works include LSDJ releases on 8bitpeoples and metrodub, piggy tracker on OSCBox, and more recently nanoloop on CheapBeats. Expect techno, bass, and good times.


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